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How To Eat Out And Still Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

For some people, diet and weight loss is a daily struggle. Sticking to a healthy diet and limiting portions can be difficult. Many people who are on a diet avoid eating out in fear that they will reduce their chances of meeting their weight loss goal. If your friends are going out to dinner, you don’t have to miss out. There are a few tips that you can follow when eating out that will help keep you on track.

Choose Your Dish Before You Leave Home
Most restaurants have their menu listed on their website. Before you leave for the restaurant, you should look over the menu and choose your dish. This will give you the time you need to study the menu thoroughly to find the healthiest dish. When you get to the restaurant, you won’t need to worry about holding up the rest of your party while you are trying to choose a meal.

Order First
You should be the first person to order. If you order first, you won’t have a chance to hear all of the delicious and fattening dishes that the rest of your party is ordering. This will only tempt you to cheat on your diet.

Make the Right Choices
If you see any meats that are fried, you should avoid them. It is better to go with a meat that is baked or broiled. If you are given the option of baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, or french fries, you should go with the baked. If the server asks if you want the works, your answer should be no. Instead, ask for butter on the side.

Make the Right Salad Choices
When ordering your salad, you should request a light dressing. Also, tell the server that you want it on the side. This will allow you to put as much or as little dressing that you want on your salad.

Avoid the Bread
Many restaurants put a bread basket with butter on the table. Bread is loaded with carbs, which isn’t the best for your diet. If your party is fine with it, decline the bread basket. If your party wants bread, use your willpower to keep yourself from taking a piece.

Avoid Fattening Desserts
When it comes time to order dessert, you should try to find something that is not fattening. If the restaurant offers a fruit cup, that is your best bet. If they don’t have a healthy dessert choice on the menu, you are better off skipping it.

Stick With Water
When your server is taking your drink order, it is best to avoid alcohol. Alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories which can put you over your daily calorie limit for the day. It is best to order a water. If you need some flavor, ask for a lemon or lime wedge. If water isn’t your thing, order a diet soft drink.

You shouldn’t have to miss out on social events with friends just because you are trying to lose weight. If you follow the tips listed above, you can have a great time and still stay under your daily calorie count.